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  • Trinity Crafts Inc

    Prism vision and mission

    Prism: The future of day-to-day utilities

  • Core Team

    Meet the minds behind it all

    Aaron Hart

    Prism Core Team

    Head of Design & Development

    Engineer & Inventor

    Hanco Rabie

    Inventor of Prism

    CEO & Founder - Trinity Crafts Inc.

  • Trinity Crafts Inc. - Mission Statement

    Trinity Crafts Inc. is a non-profit Christian organization who's mission is to fund promising projects, products, and ideas' development stage until their respective public launch. With their success, the profits that Trinity Crafts Inc. receives will be used for the following:


    To benefit the community in two ways: First, we help promising projects to reach their goals of success. Secondly, and most importantly, Trinity Crafts is committed to using the proceeds for the benefit of the community and less fortunate.


    Trinity Crafts focuses on building churches, educational centers, and homeless shelters which teach skills to the homeless, such as coding. Our goal is to have these foundations spread world-wide.

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